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Тезисы к учебно-исследовательской работе «Четыре составные части Великобритании. Их сходства и различия.» Автор: Архипов Ярослав, 5б класс, МБОУ «Верх-Иньвенская СОШ»


The theme of research “Four parts of the UK. Similarities and differences.

For knowledge of the customs

any people try to learn his language.


        Today in the modern world, it is important to study not only the mother language but also the languages of the other countries.    

        English is an international language. It helps people from different countries to communicate with each other.

       And so, English is taking up more space in our lives: Internet, computer games, movies, and cartoons, advertising and so on. Studying geography, history and culture of the country a person can become more information about its language.

       UK is the homeland of English. I want to study in my research work the geographical location of the UK and compare its historical and geographical areas.    

       The theme of my research work is “Four parts of the UK. Similarities and differences.”

       Aim of research: to compare four parts of the UK.


1)    to explore the geographical location of the UK;

2)    to collect material for research;

3)    to compare four parts of the UK;

4)    to compare four historical and geographical areas of the UK;

5)    to learn geographical names in English;

6)    to study the map of the UK;

7)    to make presentation “Four parts of the UK. Similarities and differences.”

      Object: historical and geographical areas of the UK.

      Subject: similarities and differences historical and geographical areas.

      Hypothesis: studying the country you can learn its language.

      Methods of research: to study and analysis literature, Internet sites; to study the geographical map of the UK.

     Practical application is using the collected material during the research work in English and Geography.

    This work consist of two parts. The first part is about Geographical position of Great Britain. The second part is practical work.

     As for United Kingdom, so it is situated on the British Isles and stretches north-west in continental Europe. English Channel and the Strait of Dover in the south and the North Sea in the east are between them.

      The British Isles consist of two big islands (Great Britain and Ireland) and 5 thousandth smaller islands. Great Britain is washed by the Irish Sea, North Channel and St. George’s Channel.

       The United Kingdom consist of four different countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We can see that the biggest part of the UK is England (the capital is London), the smallest part is Northern Ireland (the capital is Belfast). The largest cities are in England, all the less cities are in Northern Ireland.

Historical and geographical areas of the Great Britain don’t have great differences in the climate. In all parts, it is soft and wet with fogs and clouds. Weather is often windy and rainy. Winter is warm and wet. Summer is cool with horrible frost rains. The coldest region of Great Britain is Scotland.

The more mountains are in Scotland and the lowlands in England.

Rivers of the UK are short never freezing in winter.

There are a lot of lakes. The largest lake is Loch- Ney in Northern Ireland, Loch- Ness and Loch- Lomond are on the North -Scottish Highland.

Vegetation of England is poor. Forests are occupied the territory of 4% and they are mostly in Wales. Scotland is dominated by moorland. Almost all territory of Northern Ireland has got plain with meadows. 

As for animal’s world, there is deer, fox, hare, badger, otter, etc. It is interesting that wild cat is found in Scotland and black polecat in Wales.

There are many waterfowl birds in all regions: geese, ducks. There are a partridge in Scotland and Wales.

Fish is in all regions. There are a lot of salmon and trout, in coastal waters- cod, herring, haddock in the Scotland rivers and lakes. Salmon and trout are in England mainly, sardines and herring are in Wales, carp and pike are in Northern Ireland.

When we study the UK- the homeland of the English language we study English. We have learned a lot of new words: names of animals, birds and also geographical names. We have known that the UK is a very interesting and beautiful country.

We have concluded that landscape of four parts is individual and attractive in his own way. Climate, flora and fauna do not have bright differences. The names of many cities, of rivers, lakes have been present in our lives. We meet them in various television programs, films and cartoons, computer games.

‘Explore everything, let the mind to be on the first place for your imagination, lead him.’





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